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Noggin the Nog

I was checking out some of the games mentioned in the Writer's Block thread (hyperlinks would be nice!) when, for some reason, I thought of The Saga of Noggin the Nog. I suspect it was the mythic, heroic quality of many of the games mentioned. Would hardcore gamers love Noggin? Would today's children enjoy watching this lovely gentle series? This site will give you an idea of what you may have missed out on, or provide a wonderful trip down nostalgia lane. You can find out more about Oliver Postgate and his enchanting creations at The Dragons' Friendly Society.

Writer's Block: Game dream believer

If you could wake up and spend 24 hours in an online game with any weapons/powers, would you do it? If so, what type of game would you choose, and why?
Oh yes! I'd choose Second Life, where I spend a good part of every day anyway. Powers? SL already gives me all the powers I need, except of course, the full range of sensory stimuli. I should so love to stroke my virtual dogs and feel the roughness of their coats; smell that lovely doggy smell.

ETA: I just visited this thread again. As of 10.19 am on 2 Feb 2010 there are 785 answers. Some of them are in Russian (or a language that uses the Cyrillic alphabet: I think Bulgarian does), but the majority are in English or a language I can read; of those, only one other person mentions SL.

Writer's Block: Obama drama

How do you think President Obama is doing so far? If you're an American citizen, would you vote the same way (whether for or against)? If you're not, what's your take on Obama's performance? Did his State of the Union address sway your opinion in any way?
Short answer from across the Pond: He rocks!

Some of my American friends who are Democrats are muttering darkly about socialism, and other 'evils'. None of what Mr Obama is saying is so very shocking or radical to European ears. I think he could be one of the greatest presidents that great country has ever had. American voters had the courage and vision to elect him; I hope they will have the courage and vision to let him see it through.

And again

I have found out how to increase the text size, so for the time being I have gone back to Firefly Night.

This is the code to use on the Custom CSS page:

body, td, font, div, p {
font-family: "Verdana", sans-serif;

body, td, font, div, p {
font-size: 12pt;


Journal Change

Just changed to 'Firefly Night'. I'm sure I've had that before.

New Theme (again)

"Landscape Desert Night" by Tiffany Chow. Anything to waste time.


Writer's Block: Favorite Lyrics

What song lyrics would you love to have written, and why?
Paint it Black. That about sums up my life.

Writer's Block: Hell Hath No Fury

Who was the last person who really made you mad?
I made me mad. I make me mad every minute of every day because I am such a defeatist.

Judy Frankel

My website in honour of Judy Frankel who died in March.

May her memory be for a blessing.

Second Life-inspired novel

If you're in SL you have to read AFK by Huckleberry Hax. If you're not in SL, give it a try. A great read!

It was written for NaNoWriMo.